Pythian Home decks the halls for holidays

“It’s for families in need, so when a family has fallen on a hard time they can place their child here, and once the family is back on their feet they can take their child back, they don’t ever lose their rights,” she said.

The holidays were the perfect time to invite people and let them know the home isn’t closed off to the public, Watson said.

“We love visitors,” she said. “What I decided since everybody had the feeling we were closed, was to make an open house event and what better time to do an open house event than Christmas because it’s beautiful, so we decked the halls and invited everyone in to see.”

Some residents have never been inside the castle, Watson said.

“People have said they’ve lived in Weatherford for 30, 40 years and have never seen the inside of this building and it’s grand, and they love it,”  she said. “It’s funny to me, I grew up here, so this has been home my entire life, and I’m just like ‘how have you never been here!’”


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