Junior Order


The Junior Order Knights of Pythias is a recognized auxiliary of the Fraternal Order Knights of Pythias, an organization which affords preliminary training in the principals of Fraternity for our youth, ages 10 through 17, as exemplified by the parent order. The cardinal principals of the Junior Order are FRIENDSHIP, LEADERSHIP and CITIZENSHIP. The Junior Order is maintained to promote Patriotism, Health, Character and Righteous Living.

The Junior Order has been created to help select Youth prepare themselves for growing up, how best to live in a society that has become more complicated by a highly inventive generation and to help prepare itself for the duties of Leadership in adult life. Everything we do as children points in one direction - that of getting us ready to do the same things better as adults. Our long range goals, as we plan for the future, must include the Youth and these young men are vital to our future.

A Junior Order Knights of Pythias Chapter can be formed with 9 or more young men age 10 through 17 years, with an Adult Adviser and a Sponsoring Lodge. By using the "Buddy System", it is easy to acquire the necessary 9 young men. Just ASK a young man to join and bring his friend with him.

The knight Adult Adviser and his sponsoring lodge can perform the ritual work and get the new Junior Order Chapter started. The new members will become Officers of the Chapter in leadership roles and positions and learn important life skills within a fraternal background.

The Fraternal Order Knights of Pythias was formed in 1864 and was the first non- sectarian fraternal order to receive a Charter by a special Act of the U. S. Congress when Abraham Lincoln was President. This Order is based on the legendary Friendship of Damon and Pythias during the ancient days of Syracuse and philosopher Pythagoras. Pythians practice Friendship, Charity and Benevolence as its Principals. As an auxiliary organization, the Junior Order provides for our Youth the opportunity for preliminary training in the Principals of Fraternity.

In addition to the fraternal aspects, the Junior Order affords our Youth numerous social activities and events to get involved in with adult supervision. Local Chapters are involved in many community projects. We believe the Junior Order gives us an excellent avenue for our Youth and young men to compete with all the social, civic, recreational, religious and other fraternal groups. Your lodge, or a member of your lodge, can provide a place to meet, normally once per month, and can volunteer to be the Junior Order Adult Adviser. Once a Junior member reaches age 18, he is entitled to maintain his graduate membership in the Chapter and may apply for membership in the parent order.

We need your help to promote and contact good young men in your community to start a Junior Order Chapter. Remember, it takes three things to institute a Chapter, 9 young men ages 10-17, an Adult Adviser and a sponsoring lodge. We need more Junior Order Chapters. It's a win-win situation for everyone. JUST ASK....

For further information and literature brochures on the Junior Order Knights of Pythias, please contact the Supreme Secretary's Office. The literature is free