The Grand Lodge of Alabama Welcoming Statement

Due to unforeseen circumstances the Grand Lodge Regional Meeting in Townley, Walker County, at the Masonic Lodge on Saturday, August 24th has been canceled.  When this meeting is rescheduled it will be posted at this site with additional information.  Sorry for any inconvenience this cancellation may have caused.  

Upcoming events

Thank you for visiting the Grand Lodge of Alabama. In 1864 Justus Rathbone founded what would become the Supreme Lodge of the Knights of Pythias. President Abraham Lincoln supported the Knights of Pythias Charter because it represented the right concepts and principals to hopefully reunite the country.

The first lodge was established in Alabama on October 6, 1870, in Huntsville, Alabama and the Grand Lodge was established on June 11, 1872, in Mobile Alabama. The principals of the Knights of Pythias are Friendship, Benevolence, and Charity. This is clearly the intention of the Grand Lodge of Alabama today and in its past.

Certainly, the article written in the Birmingham Iron Age on April 19, 1883, describing the Alabama Grand Lodge annual meeting that took place at O’Brien’s Opera House in Birmingham, Alabama demonstrates how even during that turbulent period the Knights were working to unite Brothers. At the meeting, the author and speakers clearly described the brotherhood of those in attendance and how if everyone would follow the Knights principals, it would be a much better country. More about this meeting can be found on the history page.

O’Brien’s Opera House

O’Brien’s Opera House

Nothing for the Knights of Pythias of Alabama has changed the membership remains committed to bringing fellowship and harmony to our communities and fellow citizens. Even though this country is once again very much divided and in disparagement, it is the Knights strong belief and principal that we can all agree to disagree but in a civil and brotherly fashion treating everyone equally and fairly as we would want to be treated. The Knights of Alabama stand committed to this principle and welcome all who agree and support this approach to our communities, state, and country.


Accomplishments and Contributions to the State of Alabama
by the Grand Lodge and its Subordinate Lodges

It is hard to count just how many people have benefited from the efforts of the Knights of Pythias Grand Lodge and its subordinate lodges. However, it is safe to say based on newspaper articles published throughout the state since the Lodge’s founding 1000’s to 10,000’s have received some benefit from the Lodge and lodges. It is just as hard to calculate is how much funding has been raised by the Grand Lodge and subordinate lodges. The reason for the lack of evidence is that poor or no records have been kept or can be located related to these charities and benevolence proved by the Grand Lodge or subordinate lodges.

Montgomery Alabama Children’s Home

Montgomery Alabama Children’s Home

The Grand Lodge supported a Children’s Home in Montgomery Alabama around the early 1900s to the late 1920s. The Grand Lodge brought a divided citizenry together in 1883 at the Grand Annual meeting in Birmingham, Alabama. Alabama Governor Edwards Neal, Birmingham Mayor A.O. Land and Tennessee Doctor R. L. C. White were all quoted as talking about how this convention brought together many brothers from across the state and how the Pythias principal if followed by all, would make Alabama a leader among states. The Pythians also helped many widows and children in many ways but one that is seen time and again in articles around the state was through the Knights of Pythias Life Insurance program. Through this program based on articles found many citizens from various backgrounds and races had families that benefited from the insurance payments.

Subordinate lodges have contributed tremendously to their communities through various programs including contributing and supporting the cerebral palsy foundation, working with and supporting the Salvation Army, providing funding for higher education programs and scholarships, adopting a highway right-a-way for perpetual clean-up, support of our veterans and local heroes by recognizing and honoring them

What the Grand Lodge of Alabama Represents

  1. The Alabama Pythian places God and family beyond all else.

  2. The Alabama Pythian supports his community, state and country.

  3. The Alabama Pythian promotes the spirit of humility, cooperation and friendship.

  4. The Alabama Pythian knows that service to mankind and his community is an essential part of his role for the Grand Lodge and local lodge. 

  5. The Alabama Pythian knows that Friendship, Benevolence, Kindness, Tolerance, and Charity are expected traits.

  6. The Alabama Pythian seeks to work with and team with people of like interests and talents in hopes of better serving people in his community. 

The Future for the Grand Lodge of Alabama

There are all kinds of potential for this Grand Lodge. However, for it to continue more subordinate lodges need to be reestablished, or new lodges need to be created. Our nation is facing some serious crises in terms of a divided nation and divided issues just like when the Grand Lodge was established in the 1870s. We will not all agree on every issue, principal or point. however, we should be able to disagree civilly, debate the issue, come to a comprise and at the end of the day still refer to each other as friends.

This Grand Lodge invites those who wish to make a difference in their community, state, and country to join and be part of something special for the community. You will stand with like-minded people in terms of wanting to make a difference and better our communities. The Grand Lodge has always put others first, especially our veterans, children, and others in need. Please consider helping us do the right things for both our communities and our state by either joining an existing subordinate lodge or working with the Grand Lodge to create a new lodge in your area. For more information, contact a member of the Grand Lodge at Thank you for your interest today.

Who We Are

A Pythian Knight feels strongly about assisting the community and fellow knights. Lodges raise funds and wisely select community betterment projects. We recruit others who strive to make a difference. All members must fulfill the following criteria:
- An adult male of at least 18 years of age
- Not a professional gambler
- Not involved with illegal drugs or alcohol
- Belief in a Supreme Being

Attend our meetings and share your vision for a better tomorrow. Members have a vote in how the lodge spends time and funds. Be the change you wish to see in the community and the world!

Monte Bello Lodge No. 10

Unless otherwise posted the Knights of Pythias Monte Bello Lodge No. 10, meet on the second and fourth Monday of each month, at the Mongolian Grill, 121 Cox Creek Parkway S., Florence. Lunch is at 11:30 a.m. and the meeting begins at noon. Anyone interested in becoming a member of this lodge, learning more about our lodge or more about the Knights of Pythias is invited to attend a meeting. For more information about our meetings visit the Website for the Monte Bello Lodge.