Lodges need an Email account

Create an Official Voice

Official lodge email addresses appear more professional compared to the same email from a personal account. The official email address also has greater name recognition and is less likely marked as spam. It is more important than ever now that many lodges are using email to reduce postage cost on letters.

Build Relationships with The Lodge

An official email account allows for a more natural transition for newly elected officers. Friends of the lodge recognize newsletters, requests for business donations, and requests for membership dues are now more quickly. Correspondence between lodges is more seamless when new officers start their term as the email address does not change.

Obtain Faster Response Time

It is not uncommon for some people to check their email weekly. The lodge may have lost a donation, a new member, or a charity opportunity. Officers use the shared account for official correspondence and check for new messages. Messages can also be auto-forwarded with email rules to personal email account accounts. The response time is much faster when the team works together to monitor correspondence.

Reset Account Passwords

Register all online services to this account. Other accounts can now be reset by any officer as needed. The unacceptable alternative is to create a new account each time a lodge brother cannot quickly check personal email.


Allen Davis
Social Media Chair
Grand Lodge of Arizona